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Welcome to LondonNet’s ladies only section, where we provide the latest information about your favourite celebrities, the hottest styles and the best ways to entertain yourself in the city. No matter what interests you–sightseeing, relaxation, men–we’ll tell you how to get what you desire.

LondonNet has a great selection of female only London accommodation. Whether you are a woman travelling to London alone or in a group of girls we have a choice of centrally-located accommodation providers just for ladies. Read More

Looking for a brand new fling? Let us make your search easier, with our lists of the best spots to find love prospects, dating tips and more. Read More

How trendy are you? Keep yourself looking fabulous with the help of our fashion section, where you can critique the latest street styles and designer runway shows, then see where to find the looks you love. Read More

If it’s time to expand your wardrobe, we can help you pick the best shops to search. Have your purse ready, because London fashion is fast-paced. Read More

And at the end of the day, you deserve a little time to relax. Take some of our advice to pamper both your body and your mind. You know you want to. Read More

– Jill Hilbrenner