LondonNet’s Top 10 Films

This week’s top ten trending films, courtesy of LondonNet.
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Week Ending Tuesday 7th July 2020

1. [ - ] Bogowie (15)

A biopic of pioneering cardio surgeon Professor Zbigniew Religa, who performed the first successful heart transplant in Poland in the 1980s at a time when removing a heart from a body was considered a grave offence against religion and morality.

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2. [ 5 ] Onward (U)

Ian Lightfoot and his older brother Barley live in New Mushroomton with their mother Laurel. When Ian turns 16, the boys receive a magician's staff, a glittering Phoenix Gem and instructions for an incantation that will supposedly reanimate their dead father for 24 hours.

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3. [ - ] Interstellar (12A)

Planet earth is slowly dying. Mankind looks to the stars for a new planet to colonise. When scientists discover a wormhole, doting father Cooper bids farewell to his son Tom and daughter Murph to lead an exploratory space mission in search of a new home.

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4. [ - ] Black Water: Abyss (15)

Eric and Jennifer abseil into a remote, uncharted cave system in Northern Australia with good friends Viktor and Yolanda and a guide called Cash. The group is trapped by rising flood waters, unaware that cave system is home to hungry crocodiles.

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5. [ - ] Withnail & I (15)

When the lascivious Uncle Monty offers two failed actors the use of his countryside retreat, they readily accept but are unprepared for the attentions of the crazy locals or of Monty himself.

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6. [ - ] Back To The Future (PG)

Young buck Marty McFly travels back in time courtesy of Dr Emmett Brown and his DeLorean time machine, and comes face to face with his own parents in 1950s America.

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7. [ - ] Pulp Fiction (18)

A triptych of violent tales centred on Los Angeles mob boss Marsellus Wallace, low-rent hit men Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield and an ageing boxer called Butch Coolidge, who is paid to throw his next fight.

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8. [ - ] Queen & Slim (15)

On the awkward journey home from a first date, Officer Reed pulls over Queen and Slim for a driving violation. A fractious interrogation in the cold culminates in Slim shooting the cop dead in self-defence. Queen argues their only viable course of action is to flee.

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9. [ - ] Crazy Rich Asians (12A)

New York University lecturer Rachel Chu agrees to accompany her boyfriend Nick to Singapore to attend the wedding of good friends Colin and Araminta. Rachel is blissfully unaware that Nick is the golden boy of Singapore's wealthiest dynasty headed by ferocious matriarch Eleanor.

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10. [ - ] Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood (18)

Rick Dalton, one-time star of TV western Bounty Law, becomes convinced that his career is over. The handsome leading man drowns his sorrows with best friend and stunt double Cliff Booth, who buoys Rick's spirits as he prepares for a guest spot as the "bad guy" on TV series Lancer.

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