The London Marathon goes ahead as planned, says Sports Minister, as Boston counts its dead and injured

The London Marathon goes ahead as planned, says Sports Minister, as Boston count

Sports Minister Hugh Robertson wants "to get people in the streets" for Sunday's London Marathon, to show "we won't be cowered", in response to yesterday's bomb attack on Boston's version of the race.

"We are absolutely confident here that we can keep the event safe and secure," said Robertson today.

"This is one of those instances where the best way to show solidarity with Boston is to continue," added to the BBC.

"The best way for us to react is to push ahead with the marathon on Sunday, to get people on the streets and to celebrate it as we always do in London and to send a very clear message that we won't be cowered by this sort of behaviour."

Three people died in the bombs that exploded during the Boston Marathon, which took place on the US public holiday of Patriot Day, raising doubts the London race would take place.

But London's security officials believe their experiences gained during last year's Olympics have left them as prepared as they can be.

"As the minister responsible on a day-to-day basis at the London 2012 Olympics, I was privileged enough to see the Metropolitan Police, the armed forces, security services and our special forces close up," said Robertson.

"That gives you enormous confidence.”

London Mayor Boris Johnson added: "We do have robust security measures in place, but given events in Boston it's only prudent for the police and the organisers of Sunday's race to re-examine those security arrangements."

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