Poles Hail London Taxi

Poles Hail London Taxi as Black Cabs Hit Warsaw

LONDON taxis are already world famous and now they have made their next step to world domination by invading Poland – in a nice, fluffy way, of course.

The cabs familiar to us all could soon be u-turning around the streets of Warsaw after a successful trial run in the Polish capital.

“People who see the London Taxi instantly want it,” said Matthew Cheyne of LTI Vehicles, the company which make the cabs.

“Passengers want to ride in it and taxi drivers want to drive it. Our demo vehicle in Poland has proved just that.”

Warsaw isn’t the first foreign city to have caught the London taxi bug.

American metropolises including Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles and Washington DC have fleets of black cabs that compliment their usual local-style taxis and many more towns had Stephen Fry driving around their neighbourhoods in a London taxi for his recent TV series.

London taxis are also becoming a regular sight in China, where some of them are nowadays also being built, in Beijing amongst other cities. They can also be seen on the streets of Bahrain, Cape Town and Riyadh, where they are often used as airport transfer vehicles.

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