Ministry of Sound: Axe Could Fall on Famous Venue in two Weeks

Ministry of Sound: Axe Could Fall on Famous Venue in two Weeks

MINISTRY OF SOUND, one of London’s most famous clubs, could be condemned to death within two weeks.

Property company Oakmayne’s application for planning permission to put up a residential and shops complex opposite the Ministry’s Elephant and Castle site comes up for approval on 6 September.

If, as expected, Southwark Council give the scheme the thumbs up and the development is built, the club’s licence would almost certainly be revoked, due to noise issues.

In response, the Ministry of Sound has collected thousands of signatures for its Save Our Club campaign.

The club is to step up its campaign in the run up to the council meeting.

“We must do everything in our power to save our club and our business,” said Ministry of Sound boss Lohan Presencer.

“Ministry of Sound is not just any nightclub; it’s the most famous nightclub in the world and the heart of a global entertainment business.”

Oakmayne chief Christopher Allen added fuel to the fire by saying that “nightclubs come and go”.

“When Oakmayne told us that ‘nightclubs come and go’, we were horrified,” said Presencer.

Oakmayne has offered to pay for soundproofing, but the Ministry of Sound turned the idea down, arguing that the club would need to be closed for nine months for work to be completed.

The planning permission request on 6 September comes just ten days before the Ministry celebrates its 20th birthday.

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