London Eye's Pods to Get TVs and Go Low Carbon

London Eye’s Pods to Get TVs and Go Low Carbon

LONDON EYE visitors will be treated to fancy ceiling-mounted TV screens following a £12.5M refit of one of the capital’s most popular attractions.

One by one, each of the Eye’s 32 pods will get the multi-media treatment in a re-fit that will end up giving people something else to gawp at other than the London skyline and the Queen’s back garden.

As well as the hi-tech approach, the Eye’s owners, Merlin Entertainments Group, say they are out to go green with the re-vamp by improving the heating systems inside the pods.

“This will ensure the London Eye operates at maximum efficiency and is cutting down its carbon footprint well into the future,” said Merlin’s David Sharpe.

All this work won’t happen overnight.

In order to keep the wheel turning and the passengers coming, the pods are to be refitted one at a time, each being unhinged and sent away to return from its holiday in better shape.

Merlin predict all 32 will be sorted by 2012.

In the meantime, get in there and book a ticket before the builders show up.