London Eye Traps 400 for an Hour.

London Eye Traps 400 for an Hour

THE LONDON EYE stopped spinning Monday night, trapping four hundred people in the sky for an hour.

“There was a technical fault with one of the tyres so we thought the best thing to do was stop the wheel until it could be repaired,” said a spokesperson for the London Eye.

After the faulty tyre had been removed, the Eye resumed normal service, its staff claiming success in terms of emergency operations.

“We had two-way communication with all the guests, so we spoke to everyone to reassure them,” said the spokesperson. “Engineers came along and the guests opened comfort packs with water, blankets and glucose tablets. There were commodes as well.”

To translate from coy bureaucrat-speak, “guests” means people riding the Eye and “commode” means something with chemicals in which to empty your bladder.

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