London Couples Indulge in Date Nights.

London Couples Indulge in Date Nights

Caring couples in London are now officially embracing the new trend of Date Nights as often as once a week, in order to help keep the vigour and spark alive in their relationships, new research reveals.

Over 32% of those questioned in London are indulging in a romantic evening at least once a month or more, with 35% doing it at least once a week and just a paltry 7% claiming to do it just once a year.

Over two thirds of British couples are now indulging in regular Date Nights – a dedicated night of the week or month where couples devote quality time to spend together. While couples may be seeking new ways to add zest to their relationship, the recession is also playing a part in this trend as more of them opt for inexpensive nights in with their other half instead of dining or drinking out.

The study, commissioned by Kumala Wines to mark its sponsorship of hit TV reality dining show Come Dine With Me, questioned over 3,400 married and co-habiting people in order to understand the popularity of this new phenomenon.

Come Date Night With Me
Over 71% of couples asked in London claimed to have thought up the concept of date nights themselves. However, 4.5% of couples agreed that they had been inspired from watching TV shows such as Come Dine With Me and famous advocates of the Date Night have added to the growing interest too, including Barack and Michelle Obama, Brad and Angelina and Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

Say it with…a date night
A cosy night in with your other half is now considered the ultimate romantic gesture, with the majority (35%) of London couples preferring a Date Night together over more traditional old school tactics such as a bunch of flowers (11%) or a lavish box of chocolates (15%).

Dress to impress in the kitchen
When it comes to putting in the effort on a Date Night, 41% of those questioned in London see getting dressed up as the most important ingredient to a Date Night, while 44% see the ingredients themselves as most important and put the most effort into creating a special menu for their partner on a Date Night.

Good food, fine wine and just each other
52% of those surveyed in London agree that the vital ingredients for the prefect Date Night are good food followed by fine wine and drinks (28%) however, 28% of those questioned weren’t worried about the details of what the date involved at all – as long as they have each other, nothing else matters.

Anna Richardson, Relationship Commentator and TV presenter says of the findings: “I’ve been in a relationship for 14 years, and me and my other half have regular Date Nights to keep the spark alive in our lives. It totally makes sense – who needs a posh restaurant with a lumpy bill when you can cook at home and relax together, cuddled up on the sofa? And we’re not just talking about a quick takeaway and a DVD either – loads of guys I know insist on cooking great meals for their girlfriends these days. I think they see it as the ultimate romantic ‘hunter gatherer’ gesture. And we love it!

“The growing trend of couples committing to Date Nights shows that Brits do care when it comes to investing in their relationships. With programmes like Come Dine With Me providing inspiration, we are never short on ideas for interesting nights-in together.”

To help couples create their own special Date Night, Kumala Wines has created a date night kit on their website which consists of recipes for the perfect night in and an e-invite that can be personalised for your partner.

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