Harry Potter Studio Tour Casts Its First Spell This Weekend

THE MAKING OF HARRY POTTER film studio tour opens tomorrow (31.03.12), with five thousand fans a day expected to visit the new attraction at Leavesden, near Watford.

The Warner Bros. owned site features many of the key scenes from the eight films in the series including: the 1:24 scale model of Hogwarts castle used for outdoor shots; the Hogwarts Great Hall; Dumbledore’s office; Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs at 4 Privet Drive; 4 Privet Drive itself; the Gryffindor common room and the Hogwarts bridge. (Click here for pictures.)

“The sets all have tiny little details that you may not always notice in the films, but when you actually walk through them, you can see all the work that’s gone into it,” said Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the Potter films.

There have been criticisms at the prices charged in the souvenir shop – a Firebolt broomstick sets you back £249 – but Warner Bros. say a fair chunk of the merchandise is keenly priced.

“Like everything, there’s the high end that is incredibly good quality,” said Josh Berger of Warner Bros.

“It’s expensive to make, and it’s expensive to sell. But equally 25% of the merchandise is under £10 in the shop.”

Tickets for The Making of Harry Potter start at £28 for adults, £21 for children and £83 for a family of four.