'Glastonbury for Geeks' pitches its tent on the frontier of technology at the O2

‘Glastonbury for Geeks’ pitches its tent on the frontier of technology at the O2

Campus Party launches in full at the O2 today, with tens of thousands of video game fans and industry insiders ready to taste the tech future this week in what is billed as the biggest electronic entertainment festival in the world.

As well as exhibits and demonstrations of the latest tech wizardry, Campus Party also features major industry speakers such as internet pioneer Vint Cerf, Wired UK editor David Rowan and lastminute.com founder Martha Lane Fox.

To cope with the crowd’s excitement, the show’s organisers have put up 1600 tents in the London Soccer Dome, which is right next to the O2, for people – or Campuseros in Campus Party terminology – to have a kip.

“Since 1997 tech fans across Europe and Latin America have flocked to Campus Party in their thousands to innovate, learn and engage with some of the biggest names in technology,” said Ronan Dunne, of Telefónica UK, the event’s sponsor.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said: “Where better to have a fantastic campus party than here in London? Campuseros from around the world will be conglomerating here in our city, sparking ideas off each other.

“All sorts of synergies will take place. It is going to be the place to be: a Glastonbury for geeks.”

Campus Party runs at the O2 until Saturday 7 September. Tickets cost £ a day.