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Conspiracy Theories. Photo Credit: stevecadman. C.C.License
Conspiracy Theories
The major conspiracy theories so far...
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Messages sent to LondonNet after The Princess's death...
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Diana's London
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Your Conspiracy Theories

Flowers for Diana at Kensington Palace. Copyright © LondonNet LtdHere come some of your own bizarre thoughts. If you know of any more, let us know

LondonNet mistress of the mysterious Linda Pleasance takes a cold look at your theories. Her favourite so far, overheard at her local pub, is that Di and Dodi died as the result of a fiendish plot hatched by the world's florists. Flower power lives!

Open & Closed Caskets

From: Rick Potvin
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 18:24:46 -0700
Subject: Open & Closed Caskets

Upon viewing the respective funerals of Di and Mother Theresa, I couldn't help but notice how easy it was to see Mother Theresa lying in state in that big glass box compared to the closed casket of Di.

Dodi's casket was never even
seen, let alone open at a funeral. And Jean-Paul's casket was
closed too.

Of course, naysayers will argue that their faces were too badly damaged for open casket viewing but we're also told that Diana was uttering some final words. Thus her face was in good enough condition to speak a little and therefore repairable by a good mortician.

Basically, has ANYONE seen ANY "dead bodies"? Anyone at all? Of ANY dead body from the car? Is there REALLY a religious reason for Dodi to have been buried right away? Is anyone up to checking the graves for bodies? Kennedy's brain was said to have been missing. Elvis's body was apparently moved from it's original site. Has anyone other than French doctors confirmed the death of Di? There's a mathemetician who's recently written a book "OJ Didn't Do It"... he advertises on a web site findable via Infoseek and the phrase "OJ didn't do it". His reasoning is wonderful. I wonder if he's ready to tackle the Di mystery.

LP: Well Rick, seeing is believing as they say, but I don't fancy nipping down the local graveyard to put your theory into practice, do you?

The Death of a Princess

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 12:52:36 +0200
From: "desdecado"
Subject: The Death of a Princess

I have followed this interesting thread of conspiracy theories and have concluded, that the real conspiracy is in fact the big conspiracy to make Princess Di a far more interesting and important person than she actually was.

Don't get me wrong, I do believe that she did some great things, but so did so many others who died in obscurity. And I truly believe that Di's concern for the unfortunate was overrated and that the paparazzi were the only factor to make Di any more important and fantastic than my wife.

Mother Theresa lived as she preached. Where was the mass hysteria? She was a far better and more important person than Di.

LP: Desdecado, well if that is the big conspiracy, they got away with it didn't they?

Theories, shmeories!!!

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 17:46:07 +0100
Reply-To: melanie clark
Subject: theories, shmeories!!!

I must admit to being completely gobsmacked by the insanity of the theories here. I know it serves many people's persecution/ big brother/coming of the millenium/armageddon complex to assume that everyone with any power is inherently evil, but I think we should start applying a little bit of sense to this.

Firstly, it is a long time since the British monarchy had any actual power, and hence incentive to persecute/kill members of their own family (rest assured, the Tower of London hasn't been a torture chamber for several hundred years).

Secondly, all secret agencies are funded by the government, and hence their activities have to be supported/condoned by the ruling party. It is no secret that the Labour party support the scrapping of the civil list, the abolition of the House of Lords, and many other topics diametrically opposed to the established monarchy. Any action seen to preserve the status quo and assist the monarchy's continuance would therefore NOT be supported by them.

Thirdly, considering the glut of investigative reporting that has uncovered scandals from British public life (and, indeed the world) over the last few years, how likely is it that any sane person could think that they could get away with such a feat!! Think about the pieces of the jigsaw - the world's most famous woman, the world's most famous family, treachery in one of the oldest nations on earth, racism, drunkenness, hedonism, and what's more, all viewed through the close and carnivorous eye of the evil media. It's simply too implausible to be anything other than true.

Please, everyone, I know it's upsetting and shocking, but stop feeding the hysteria by trying to make it into a worse story than it already is, and implicating people who are already suffering from losing loved ones.

People die in car crashes every day, people drink drive every day, and people fall in love every day. Sometimes one, two or three of these things happen simultaneously, and this particular time, it happened to someone we'd all seen in pictures. Just because we'd seen her on TV, in magazines & papers does not mean we have the right to mess with her life story; and I'm pretty disgusted by how the uproar over the papparazzi's "involvement" in her death has turned into a media circus of its own.

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