Girls' Weekend. Photo Credit: freeparking. C.C.License

    Girls’ Weekend in London

    Sometimes you need time with the girls. Why not take a weekend trip to London with them? Whether you fancy dancing and drinks, a trip to the ballet or relaxing at one of the hippest spas, LondonNet can show you how to have a good time in the capital. Let us make your weekend stress-free – we’ll tell you where to go and what to see.

    Accommodation: Choose between London’s classic, Claridge’s, and a selection of other prestigious homes away from home.
    Dining: Waistband-watchers and gourmands alike can expect a happy stomach at the city’s eateries.
    Shopping: Save your money. We’re getting Marni.
    Culture: The best in the West End and beyond.
    Dancing and Drinking: Mahiki can heat you up, and the Icebar can cool you way down.
    Relaxing: Late night? Rest it out with a massage or minimally demanding sightseeing.

    – Jill Hilbrenner