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The Lion King 3D (U)

Cast: Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Matthew Broderick, Ernie Sabella, Nathan Lane
Genre: Family
Author(s): Linda Woolverton, Jonathan Roberts, Irene Mecchi
Director: Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers
Release Date: 07/10/2011
Running Time: 89mins
Country: US
Year: 2011

Elderly lion Scar plots to usurp his brother, King Mufasa, from the throne, only to find his route blocked by new born cub Simba. So, Scar orchestrates Mufasa's tragic demise then makes Simba believe he is to blame. The young lion is overwhelmed by guilt and flees his homelands, ending up in the jungle where he befriends Timon and Pumbaa. Years later, the now full-grown Simba is persuaded to return to Lion's Rock to overthrow the despotic Scar, and save the pride from extinction.

Mufasa and mate Sarabi maintain a delicate balance between various animal factions. Their proud leonine bloodline continues with the birth of Simba, who is introduced to the world by shamanic mandrill Rafiki atop Pride Rock. Mufasa’s embittered brother Scar plots to seize control of the grasslands by forging a fragile alliance with the hyenas. The despicable plotters lure Simba into a canyon during a stampede and Mufasa dies saving his boy from being crushed under clattering hooves.

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