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Nerkonda Paarvai (15)

Cast: Shraddha Srinath, Ajith Kumar, Vidya Balan
Genre: Drama
Author(s): H. Vinoth, H Vinoth
Director: H. Vinoth, H Vinoth
Release Date: 09/08/2019 (selected cinemas)
Running Time: 157mins
Country: Turk
Year: 2019

Three young women, Andrea, Meera and Famila, are implicated in a crime and their reputations are tarnished by the false allegations of well-connected and privileged men. Retired lawyer Bharath Subramanian is enraged by the treatment of the three women and he steps forward to clear their names. Faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, Bharath summons all of his legal nous to ensure justice prevails.

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