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Die Tomorrow (12A)

Cast: Patcha Poonpiriya, Sunny Suwanmethanont, Sirat Intarachote
Genre: Drama
Author(s): Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
Director: Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
Release Date: 26/07/2019 (selected cinemas)
Running Time: 75mins
Country: Thai
Year: 2017

An on-screen counter ticks up every two seconds, representing the number of people who perish on earth over the course of this poetic meditation on mortality, which melds non-fiction and drama to explore different characters’ attitudes towards death. The interviewees include a 104-year-old man celebrating his birthday, a woman in desperate need of a heart transplant and a young man, whose only experiences of tragedy are gleaned by surfing the internet.

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