Rhys Ifans wants kids

Welsh actor Rhys Ifans says he would “love” to have children.

The 44-year-old actor is in a relationship with ‘Pushing Daisies’ actress Anna Friel – who has a six-year-old daughter Gracie with ex-partner David Thewlis – and insists he is not too old to become a father.

He said: “Men are never too old to have kids. They might be too old to be fathers, but I don’t think I am yet.

“I’d love to have children, it would be nice, yes.”

Rhys – who previously dated Sienna Miller – admits being with Anna, 35, has finally taught him how to “compromise” so he is unsure whether he would want to raise a family in his native Wales or elsewhere.

When asked if he would head back to Wales to raise his family, he added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I don’t know. Britain is a small place. Life’s about compromises, as I’ve discovered at long last. I’m not some medieval brigand going to put my wife and children in a Welsh cave. With this life, it’s such a random business where you can live, but it does change when you fall in love, and with someone who has a child as well.

“I would never call myself a stepfather but yeah I love kids and want them.”