Peter Andre aims to write men-only version of Fifty Shades of Grey

'We're missing out,' says reality star, despite existence of porn industry
Peter Andre aims to write men-only version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Peter Andre wants to write his own version of 50 Shades of Grey as he feels men are 'missing out'.

Touchingly unaware of the multi-billion pound porn industry, 99% of which is for men, Andre says he wants to pen a for-male-eyes-only version of E. L. James' 'mummy porn' bondage novel.

He told New! magazine: ''Everyone's talking about the book Fifty Shades Of Grey, and us guys are feeling like we're missing out! Even on my Twitter feed, people are talking about it and I don't know what the heck's going on!

''Can I read it or is it just for girls? Help me out! Thinking about it, I might write my own version of the book, just for blokes.''

Andre has also been clowning around while filming his new show, Peter Andre's Bad Boyfriend Club, disguising himself so the boyfriends he targets don't recognise him.

He said: ''It's my favourite out of all the shows I've filmed. One of the stages involves me taking part in a sting on one of the bad boyfriends. I get to dress up in hilarious disguises.

''For one of the stings, I had to pretend to be an old man on a mobility scooter. I had to have prosthetics and everything! So far, every sting we've done has worked - no one has guessed it's me!''

Peter Andre's Bad Boyfriend Club starts on ITV2 on 8 August.

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