Beatles in London

    Beatles in London

    Visiting various Beatles’ shrines in London is an epic journey – and one worth a great amount of careful consideration. Here, Patrick Allegri searches for the roots of arguably the world’s greatest rock band…

    Here, There and Everywhere: The Local Beatles…

    Beatles in London. A Hard Day's Night There comes a point when its difficult to say anything about the Beatles, because somewhere, sometime, someone has already said everything there is to say. But to a true Beatles fan, sincerity trumps originality. To a true fan, despite the tens of millions of records sold, the images seared into memories and history books, the songs that will be heard and hummed as long as Shakespeare will be read and recited, appreciating the Beatles is remarkably personal. Being a fan can be a nearly religious experience.

    And if the Beatles can be next to sacred to their fans, London is their Mecca. After all, it’s where the stories took place. It’s where the music was made. It’s where the magic happened.

    But there’s a problem. All those statements are past tense. Today, from a Beatles perspective, London may not be Mecca as much as Mecca’s ruins. Anyone hoping for a visit to the location of his or her favourite group picture or story of lore to become a time machine to Beatlemania may walk away unsatisfied.

    But, with the right mindset, visiting Beatles sights in and beyond London can be a nostalgic, if bittersweet, pilgrimage.
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    – Patrick Allegri