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Are your nights fading into a blur of reality television and greasy takeaways? Do you find your weekends filled with beers and bellybutton fluff? Can you actually remember the last time you celebrated living, working or travelling to this great city of ours?

No, you don't need a makeover show with a b-list celeb to embarass you and everyone you know. You just need something to do.

Lucky you found us:
LondonNet already has all your hot London arts & entertainment news, so why not save yourself a bit of energy and get it transported straight to your email inbox? Take advantage of our three FREE newsletters, which have been recently redesigned to make it easier for you to get the information you're looking for.

Theatre, music, or just the latest collection of London's many happenings - all can be gently but promptly delivered so you can get out and into London life.

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LondonNet's exclusive biweekly newsletter with commentary and the best upcoming events, including theatre, rock & pop, classical, cinema, clubs, comedy and London accommodation. For something good to do, it is truly your best London assett...
LondonNet Newsletter: General AHOY

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LondonNet Music Extra

Okay. So, we hate to admit it, but we're sort of music geeks, and we like to spread the love. Every month, we argue - ad nauseam - about the best upcoming London gigs. The result, after much lengthy discussion, is a resource which gives the best insight and info about your favourite music, so you can get your tickets before they sell out...
LondonNet Music AHOY

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LondonNet Theatre Extra

For all the many theatre aficionados not currently appearing on stage, our theatre newsletter brings you theatre news, gossip and new West End shows. That way you can see your favourite shows, in preparation for the next audition, of course...
LondonNet Theatre AHOY

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