Andy Murray

Fresh from his US Open heroics, Andy Murray is back at Wimbledon this weekend as part of the British Davis Cup team that takes on Austria.

Bollywood School

'Anybody who lies can act,' says Anupam Kher, one of the Bollywood stars behind the new acting academy in Ealing, which opened today.


It's now better done in London than in Paris, according to the new Zagat restaurant guide, especially in terms of variety and service.

Patricia Field

She's the New York designer who gave us the clobber in Sex and the City. Now she's been named as the new for stylist for Marks and Spencer.

Johnny Rotten

Watch out, Duffy. The outspoken Sex Pistols rocker has a concert at the Hammersmith Apollo tonight.

Guy Ritchie

The RocknRolla director told LondonNet today he suspects his wife, Madonna, is 'going to be big'.

Organic Food

Do Brits still want it? Sales have fallen by the steepest rate in a decade, with eggs showing the biggest decline.

Kelly Osbourne

Ozzy's little girl stars with Sadie Frost in The Town That Boars Me, showing tonight at the Portobello Film Festival.

Peter Butler

This Royal Free Hospital surgeon's team has approval to complete four full-face transplants. He says the procedure could shorten a patient's life by 10 years but improve life overall.


Migrants should stay in the UK for longer periods to realise their full creative and entrepreneurial benefits, according to the Institute for Public Policy Research.

August Bank Holiday

It's finally here! Check out our recommendations for keeping yourself entertained this extra-long weekend.

Nick Clegg

The Liberal Democrat leader will share his plan today to make Britain a green-energy exporter by 2050. He says the programme will be 'on the scale of the Apollo moon landings'.


Thirsty much? According to a new study, each Brit consumes 4,645 litres of water a day, including obvious uses like showering and 'virtual' guzzling for textile and food production. Lighten up that water footprint!

2012 Olympic cyclists

The £4.5 million Redbridge Cycling Centre has become the "first piece of physical sporting legacy" for the London Games.

Michael Phelps

The half-man half-fish, eight-times Olympic swimming champion is to make London his first stop after Beijing, as part of the 2012 handover ceremony.