Charles Dickens

The author's writing desk - the one on which he penned Great Expectations - is up for auction today, expected to fetch UKP80,000 for Great Ormond Street hospital.

Kevin Greening

Former Radio 1 and Heart FM DJ died last year after a drug-fuelled gay bondage session, reports the coroner.


Hundreds of lorries are protesting today against rising fuel prices.

Amy Winehouse

Winner of the prestigious Ivor Novello songwriting award for Love is a Losing Game.

Ken Livingstone

Courts film fans for the upcoming Mayoral election with a plan for a permanent open air free cinema on the South Bank. Might explain his rise in the polls.


One of the headliners at this year’s Ether Festival, which likes to mix art with technology. It’s held at various South Bank venues.


Down six percent this year to its lowest level for ten years, according to the Met, handing Mayor Ken Livingstone a boost in his bid for re-election.

Dave Heeley

'Blind Dave' who completed his mission to run seven marathons in seven days with his finish in the Flora London Marathon. He has run a total distance of 183.4 miles in approximately 168 hours – taking over 250,000 steps.

The Wizard of Oz

The Royal Shakespeare Company is to revive the old showman, Dorothy, Munchkins and all, for a 23 July to 31 August run at the Royal Festival Hall.

Prince Philip

The Duke of Edinburgh, 86, who was discharged on Sunday after three days treatment for a chest infection at the King Edward VII Hospital in Central London.

Olympic Flame

To be carried through the streets of London on Sunday by a variety of sports people, celebs and politicos. Promises of pro-Tibet demos, too.

Sir Paul McCartney

Set to sell The Beatles back catalogue on iTunes, which is predicted to raise UKP200 million.

Prince Harry

The 23 year old royal has been fighting the Taliban for the past 10 weeks in Helmand, Afghanistan it has now been revealed. An unprecedented UK news blackout on the subject - to protect Harry and his troops - has been lifted following prejudicial leaks in the media of our allies; first Australian, then German and finally US. Remind anyone of the WW2 mantra 'loose talk can cost lives'? Comment

The Congestion Charge

Calculated by London scientists to have added 1,888 extra years onto us 7 million Londoners thanks to drops in pollution, which works out at a couple of hours each.

British Museum

With 5.5 million visitors, it was just ahead of the Tate Modern (5.2M) for most-popular London sights last year.