The Garden Bridge

Having pledged in public that London's new green crossing will not be maintained at public expense, Mayor Boris Johnson's office has privately re-assured the Garden Bridge Trust that the ongoing costs will in fact be 'guaranteed' by the capital's taxpayers.

Green Belt

Which amounts to 22 per cent of all Greater London's land should be opened up for more housebuilding says a report by London First. They argue new housing should be targeted toward Green Belt land that is "close to current transport links and is of poor environmental or civic value".


Stand back Hackney, move over Kensington, apparently Bexley is the capital's last remaining property hotspot. The south-east London borough was the only one to show an increase in demand for new homes over the past quarter says a new report.

Steve Strange

RIP the doyen of legendary London 80s club Blitz and early co-conspirator of the New Romantics. Born Steven John Harrington, Strange died on Thursday in Egypt aged 55. Don't Fade to Grey, Steve. Fade to Gold.

Punny Shop Names

As the UK Pun Championships take place today in Leicester here's a little inspiration for competitors from the streets of London (via Telegraph) - stay with it as they cheekily save the best to last.

Maxwell Hutchinson

Our best wishes goes out to the dapper London architect and broadcaster on @BBCLondon949 @RobertElms show who has suffered a stroke.


Mayor Boris Johnson has re-floated the prospect of a toll-tunnel to replace the Hammersmith Flyover along with other road improvement schemes for the A3 in Tolworth, A316 in Richmond, A13 in Barking and A406 at New Southgate.

Safer Lorries

Under a new scheme all lorries over 3.5 tonnes driving in London from 1 September 2015 will need to have side guards and extra mirrors to help protect cyclists.

Number 91 Bus

One of which hit trees near Kingsway, Holborn ripping its roof off. Two people were taken to hospital with facial injuries.


The Natural History Museum in South Kensington is to swap their entrance hall's Diplodocus skeleton for the bones of a blue whale. The change in Hintze Hall won't be completed until 2017 and comes as "part of a larger plan to show new specimens in the space" say the museum.

Foreign Tourists

Who spent a record £3.56 billion in London last summer according to the Office of National Statistics. Tourism spend from July to September 2014 was up three per cent on the same period in the previous year.

Charlie Hebdo

The 'survivors' edition has gone on sale at selected outlets in London. Only a limited stock has been imported and some shops such as the French Bookshop in South Kensington will only get their batch on Friday. The magazine is expected to sell out fast and some early copies have found their way onto ebay with one listing already exceeding £1,500.

Bus Passengers

A rare sight today as bus drivers stage a 24 hour strike in support of pay and conditions equality.

All 8,615,000 of us

The capital's population is heading for that record figure last seen way back in 1939. We could be hitting 10 million by the 2030s say some forecasts.

Bus Drivers

Thousands of London bus drivers are set to stage a one day strike on 13 January 2015. Their Unite union is campaigning for equal pay and conditions across the capital instead of the 80 diverse terms currently in place with a variety of employers including Arriva and Stagecoach.