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Frog at The Mean Fiddler - 28 January 2007

Calling your club night something like FROG. implies a certain level of straightforwardness. It's always written that way, with the capital letters and the period, announcing its presence very simply and very loudly. Even the flyer refrains from the usual grandstanding, leaving out ebullient review quotes in favor of the description, "A rock and roll party." Though I suppose that if you're already packing the crowd seen last Saturday, you can afford to save some ink.

The cover charge is UKP10 without one of their flyers, but if you get your paws on one (which requires merely printing one off of www.myspace.com/thisisfrog before you make your way to the club) it's a scant UKP5 before midnight and UKP8 after. Be warned, if you're hoping to save that extra UKP3, you had better get there quite early. After arriving shortly before midnight, this intrepid writer was left waiting in a queue for nearly 45 minutes.

The price is certainly fair for the quality of the mix. The DJs favor indie mainstays such as the Verve, Morrissey, the Cure and the Arctic Monkeys. However, they still manage to keep things reasonably fresh with some interesting mash-ups and a few surprises. Perhaps the bigger draw of FROG., however, is the live offering made each week. FROG. has lined up bands such as Bloc Party, Panic! At The Disco, Babyshambles and, when I attended, glossy synth-pop Swedes the Sounds. Though the set was disappointingly short, clocking in at shortly under 30 minutes, the fact that this night throws in a band of this calibre at all is lovely. Be sure to check who is playing, as that is sure to have a major impact on the length of the queue.

Finally, the drinks. Service left a little to be desired, as each bar only had two tenders. There were no beers to be offered on tap, but cans were UKP3.20 and my rum and coke was UKP3.60. However, watch out for the specials! There were no signs at the first bar I went up to, but a second bar reported UKP2 whiskey and cokes, which is a big enough price difference to convince me to alter my spirit of choice for the evening. There were two additional specials involving Jagermeister in the same UKP2 area.

- Kevin Garnett